America 2020 How did we get here? -- Preface

America 2020 How did we get here? – The Marxist & Leftist Origins of America's Planned Implosion

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America 2020 How did we get here? -- Preface

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  • America 2020 How did we get here? –
    The Marxist & Leftist Origins of America's Planned Implosion
  • Preface
To be clear from the start, I consider myself more of a centrist, constitutionalist, and believer
in American freedoms than anything else. I do not abide radicals in anything, therefore, I have
no love for radicals on the political left or right. The focus in this manuscript is firmly directed
at the liberal and woke left, as those are the ones seemingly intent on the destruction of
America as we know it. My focus on these radicals is to illustrate that fact. I mean it as a
means to help people understand it so that the others, in the middle, can rise above the noise
of those factions to restore, and maintain, our freedoms. The silent majority must learn it
needs to rise and do so quickly.

As an honorably discharged veteran of Desert Shield/Desert storm, in my going on 25 years of
research into historical events, and almost 50 years of life, it's become clear to me that
something has been inherently wrong with our nation for some time. Things taught during my
education seemed to present the idea that if you worked hard that you'd be OK. If you had a
good work ethic, worked diligently, and aspired towards your dreams then you would achieve
them. The problem was, many people, including me, did these things yet many of us fell far
short of our dreams and expectations. We worked hard, busted our back sides, and seemingly
couldn't move ahead. As life moved along, I found many other areas where this same situation
arose time and time again. Something is wrong.

Then 2016 came along and the people elected a President with a different attitude and
approach. People were tired of establishment choices and wanted something different. We
were tired of the typical candidate. The typical candidate didn't seem to get the job done. Ever
since there has been a backlash from the left we've thus far endured for going on four years.
The “Resistance” movement, along with the “never Trumpers” and TDS sufferers, clawed their
way into our conscious and began wreaking havoc in pursuit of far left ideologies including a
nanny state driven America to institute their Utopian world. They just refuse to accept the
outcome of the 2016 election and have done numerous things in attempt to overturn it.
Today, America 2020 seems like a proverbial powder keg of left versus right ideological
warfare. Although it is quite evident that one side is more brutal and ruthless in their actions
than the other, the pain and suffering to all will be even more ruthless than present, should
the Democrats regain power. A struggle for the future and way of life for all Americans hangs
in the balance. While one side espouses continual intrusion of state and federal governments
into the rights and privacy of Americans as a means to control them or coerce their control,
the other side fights to retain the freedom as our supreme law of the land, our Constitution,

We are at a cross roads, torn between a seemingly socialist victim-hood mentality where
nanny states and an overpowering federal government control many actions of our people,
and the opposing side's fight to preserve the God given rights and freedoms our forefathers
envisioned. It is a division between the arrogant that think they know best and thus have some
moral right to dictate what Americans do, and those that think the American individual is the

© Copyright 8-3-2020 Pg 1 of 10 Preface - James Sanders
America 2020 How did we get here? – The Marxist & Leftist Origins of America's Planned Implosion

only one capable of making decisions in their own best interest. Division between those that
espouse victim-hood where all people with problems have no fault in those problems and
those that believe individual choices play a key factor in the problems of those people. A
division between those that wish to negate personal accountability and those that believe
personal accountability is a key in the development of a well adjusted adult. A division
between those espousing a Utopian nation that does not and cannot exist because of human
nature, and a slightly more dangerous ideology of freedom of the people. After all, aren't our
daily choices inherently dangerous?

Every time we cross a street, enter a darkened alley, travel from point A to point B, choose to
travel by plane, boat, or car, there is a chance that those choices can evoke negative life
changing results. The same is so for many of our other everyday actions and decisions. Any
one of them could lead any of us to a similar potentially dangerous outcome. But as a people
and nation, don't most of us accept this as a part of daily life and the freedom to choose our
own path? Is this not part the definition of freedom? As adults, are these things not the
potential consequences of our choices and actions? As adults, we accept these things, live our
lives and do our best to keep moving forward in the most beneficial way possible. After all,
isn't this the premise and basics of free will?

One of the problems today is that there are those lacking in intestinal fortitude that find it
easier to play the role of victim rather than be self critical and evaluate their own choices
contributing to their conditions. To these, the leftist ideology is very appealing. It absolves
them of their own individual choices contributing to their plight. It alleviates any potential
guilt they might feel as the result. At the same time, it takes away their power to change their
own situations because it's always another person's fault, therefore, they have no power to
change their circumstances. They're always waiting for that knight in shining armor to come
along and save them. It becomes an impetus for stagnation, mediocrity, and misguided anger.
Misguided anger makes an individual ripe for the latest and greatest snake oil salesman's
pitch. Society is capable of great good and great evil, regardless of skin color, race, ethnicity,
etc. Individual conscious decisions are a person's duty to decide what they wish their
contribution to be.

I blame the beginning of this downfall on the many “psychologists” that made participation
trophies a reality. It taught kids to believe they should get things based on participation rather
than merit. It created generations of kids that felt they deserved something when they didn't
perform appropriately to obtain it. They failed to learn what they were good at and not good at
through the process. They felt they were good at all things. This is a great disservice to
children as it potentially creates an entitlement mentality. It's further devastating when they
become adults and have to flounder around figuring out what they're really good at as a means
to become a productive part of society and a self efficient adult.

To personally illustrate this example, let me share a bit of myself. As a child, my grandparents
raised me. My grandfather was a tradesman. He did masonry and carpentry, and as such was
involved in construction. He made decent money. My grandmother was a factory worker. She
worked at a shoe plant. She made considerably less. After my grandfather passed when I was
12, I became the man of the house. The family income also dropped and I became quite
accustomed to the word “no” when I wanted things. That “no” was a motivator for me to find
ways to get things I wanted for myself.

© Copyright 8-3-2020 Pg 2 of 10 Preface - James Sanders
America 2020 How did we get here? – The Marxist & Leftist Origins of America's Planned Implosion

To be clear, my needs were usually addressed. What I mowed lawns and shoveled snow for
were the additional things my grandmother was no longer able to afford. I felt a great deal of
self satisfaction in doing so. I had limited control of my own finances at a young age as the
result, and could get things she could not get for me. I could get the new electronic games
coming out with a little motivation and saving. I no longer had to hear “no” from her. I could
do some things for myself.

Another illustration of this relates to my two older brothers. I love them all, including younger
ones, for things they've done to help me throughout life. However, my two older brothers had
a tendency to do things for me. I used to go to them about things I was unable to do, or unsure
how to do, and they would both wind up doing those things for me. After a while, I sat them
both down and explained. I told them that if they kept doing for me, I'd never learn to do it for
myself, and would therefore be stuck always having to rely on them to do things. I wanted
them to teach me how, not do for me.

Speaking of child-hood, America 2020 is a drastically different landscape today. We have riots
and our cities are burning. The participants, and “news” organizations, seem to think that
violent protest is protected by our Constitution literally suggesting that violent protest is a
Constitutional right. At the same time, free speech on social media is not something they
believe the free speech parts of our Constitution protect. As the result, “news” organizations
protect the riots, but do nothing to protect our free speech on social media. There are those
that postulate “hate” speech is not protected. But hate speech seems to be any view of
something they disagree with. It seems to be the easiest accusation to hurl at strangers to put
the fear of “liberalism”, or “progressiveness” into them.

As the result, we have seen direct evidence of attempts to mute conservatives and the political
right views. From shadow-banning practices on Twitter to changes of Google algorithms, to
Facebook's outright censoring of posts, there is indisputable evidence of this fact. Add to that
Facebook's use of left wing propaganda spin artists pretending to be “fact checkers” and it
becomes clear to most but the liberals and leftists what is going on.

Doubt the Facebook accusation? On August 4th 2020, Sharyl Attkisson from Real
Investigation posted an investigative article concerning Facebook's fact checking oversight
board. Although “news” sources touted the “diversity” of those involved, including their
professional, cultural and religious backgrounds suggesting they have various political
viewpoints, this investigation suggests otherwise. What are the true facts? Eighteen of twenty
members of the oversight board collaborated with or are tied to groups receiving funding from
George Soro's Open Society Foundations.

Despite the evidence presented, social media continues urinating on the conservatives and
political right telling them it's rain and the liberals and the woke left cheer them on. Let's not
forget the liberal and woke leftist groups on college campuses that our President signed an
executive order about. They also intimidate conservatives and the political right on college

© Copyright 8-3-2020 Pg 3 of 10 Preface - James Sanders
America 2020 How did we get here? – The Marxist & Leftist Origins of America's Planned Implosion

You'd think they'd be smart enough to realize it's great when your side is in power but what
happens when your side isn't calling the shots anymore? I guess their arrogance makes them
feel like they are already in power and they'll never loose it. Good luck to them. I sense an
upcoming deep disturbance in the force when the liberals and woke left encounter the silent
majority in the 2020 elections. Pride and arrogance always comes before the fall.

Then we have the twin cancers of cancel culture and virtue signaling. This nifty little one-two
punch from the liberals and woke left requires their representative to spend most of their
daily lives digging through their competition's past social media posts for “incriminating
evidence” according to the liberals' and woke left's judgment. It's kind of like a stalker, or
identity thief digging through your trash. Then they post the “evidence” and virtue signal to
the hive mind and brainstorm ideas for target destruction. It's akin to their doxing practice
revealing personal information about their enemies so the hive can physically protest and
intimidate them in their own homes and places of business.

Given the liberal and woke left's proclivity for seeing injustice, racism, hate, and intolerance in
everything, especially those that disagree with them, it doesn't bode well for anyone with
differing opinion. With them you're automatically guilty until proven innocent. They are your
judge jury and executioner in the process. If you could just see it from their view then you'd
realize your guilt and white fragility. If you thought the Borg was a fantasy thing based in Star
Trek, sorry to report but it's a very real component of our present day society.

There is, however, a bonus in this for conservatives and the political right. This baby has a
boomerang affect that makes the liberals and woke left eat their own. Need a power up? Is
there someone in your liberal or woke leftist group you have an ax to grind with? No problem.
Go back in their social media posting from the beginning of social media time and see what
you can dig up on them. Get some of your friends together with the same ax to grind and
jointly virtue signal to the hive that your target needs to be expelled. We saw this recently with
Ellen and some others. Once again, just because they disagreed with some points signaled by
the liberals and woke left. We also had that Goya boycott that turned into a buycott.
Sometimes we can deflect it when enough stand together to do so.

Seemingly, the liberal and woke left live in this vacuum where people can't change. Say
something off color 10 years ago, doesn't matter. You're still the same person with no chance
of redemption. It's never about intent to them, just judgment. Thankfully our legal system still
looks for intent before it drops the hammer, most times. If they have their way, they'll turn
our legal system into functioning just like their social justice runs; similar to communist and
socialist nations, and other banana republics the world over. You know, like the fascists in
Germany with the book burning, and the Bolsheviks in Russia with all that purging of
undesirables and such. The sides of communism and socialism they keenly ignore. You can
bet they'll model China's social score system as well.

© Copyright 8-3-2020 Pg 4 of 10 Preface - James Sanders
America 2020 How did we get here? – The Marxist & Leftist Origins of America's Planned Implosion

The rise of the social justice warrior in concert with identity politics finds us in a place where
defunding the police is a serious consideration. They've convinced their liberal and woke left
masses that acts of police brutality are not only systemic, but evident proof of systemic racism
in our systems. While preaching the individuality of people, their double speak rhetoric
suggests that all police are the same no matter their location within our great nation or their
ethnicity. In short, all police officers are systemic racists and must be removed. The media
amplifies every instance of over reaching police power and the occasional bits of police
brutality while ignoring the many good police and other law enforcement officers in our
nation. To make matters worse, they ignore situations of police brutality that lack minority
abuses making it seem like the minority is the constant police target.

The situation creates a clear and present danger where police retire en mass. The
dehumanizing tactics will potentially cripple law enforcement across the land. Less people will
stand up to fulfill the role of public protectors. Why should anyone wish doing such a
thankless job while being the supposed blight upon communities? What incentive is there for
a person to stand between the bad apples and the innocent citizen in our present condition?
Why should anyone subject themselves to such public scorn? Crime will skyrocket and the
innocent will suffer.

The larger problem with defunding the police relates to the quality and training of those
officers. How can things improve if even less money goes towards the training and
maintenance of police forces throughout our land? Wouldn't it make sense to increase funding
for areas with issues? Wouldn't the additional training as the result of that money potentially
improve situations relating to police brutality? Doesn't it seem to reason that, by cutting
funding, matters will get even worse because of even more lack of training and a drop in police
presence in our communities? But who really benefits? I assure you it won't be the

Anarchists love the idea given their problems with authority. Criminals love it because with
less police comes a smaller chance of getting caught. The liberals and woke left love it because
they think they're changing the world for the better, bringing us closer to their ideas of a
Utopian world and society. Democrat politicians love it because of the power they're getting
through pushing it. In the end, who suffers the most?

Americans suffer as the result of increasing crime. Businesses suffer from rioting and looting
without the proper police presence. Communities suffer from the rise in crime and the loss of
business and jobs. Minority ethnicity police suffer because they're called turn coats that
perpetuate the situation. Many videos exist of privileged white liberals and woke white leftists
shouting in the face of minority officers. In some cases cussing and swearing at them as well.
Liberals and the woke left are the supposed champions of minorities. Is that how champions
for minorities act?

Let us not forget the results of the CHOP zone and other attempts throughout our nation to
establish “autonomous” zones. Criminals vandalized businesses and people died as the result.
The families of those that died may never get justice for the loss of their loved ones because
the zones interfered with police doing their job. Business owners may never receive justice for
their losses. Evidence only lasts for so long. The passing of time makes finding witnesses more
difficult. The CHOP zone aided criminals as the result.

© Copyright 8-3-2020 Pg 5 of 10 Preface - James Sanders
America 2020 How did we get here? – The Marxist & Leftist Origins of America's Planned Implosion

Through this turmoil, they also inject the population with hate crime hoaxes as a means to
legitimize their narrative and promote their agenda. Look here they say, these things are proof
of the systemic racism we tried telling you about. This is proof that the present society was
built by white men to benefit white men. That originally started with rich white men. Now it's
all white people. The result is the ample redirection of anger and suspicion to whip the angry
mob into action, and there is so much anger to be amplified and directed at their enemies.
Three of the most notable in recent history, at least at the time of this writing, were the Jussie
Smollett attack, Nick Sandman and the Covington Catholic kids' harassment, and Bubba
Wallace's supposed noose incident. All of them turned out to be a big ado about nothing.
There is still pending litigation concerning the Smollett case, and both pending and settled
litigation in the Nick Sandman case. They used each situation as an attempted divide to
further fracture the nation along racial lines. This is an additional prong of attack to prove
supposed systemic racism.

How can anyone, with a brain, seeing the many minority judges, rock stars, sports stars,
actors, doctors, lawyers, police, etc. and areas of the nation run completely by minorities not
realize the accusation of “systemic racism” is moronic? How is Chicago a “systemically racist”
area? Do the useful idiots ever look into these things to see the absurdity in the accusations?
Do any of them understand the English language or know the actual definitions of the words
they use?

The problem with their present approach is that people look around and most don't see the
problems as the liberals and woke left present them. Their plan is what I like to call change
through attrition. Through the removal of statues and other bits of our history, and as
generations of people pass on, newer generations lose evidence counter to the liberal and
woke left end agenda. You know, that Utopian world view they believe is best for all the rest of
us. If you think this is limited to the removal of some statues, you'd be mistaken. They're even
re-writing books, re-making films, censoring older films, and changing word definitions to
complete their Utopian transformation. Add the social media censoring we discussed earlier
and it all equates to a digital book burning similar to Germany, during fascist rule, Russia
after the Bolshevik uprising, and China censoring what their people can see or hear today.
In all of this, we also have an unequal application of law and public opinion. The right is
accused of violence yet they ignore the violence from the left with the riots and protests. They
seemingly forget the shootings at a congressional baseball game, as the result of a person from
the left, targeting Republican and Conservative Congressional members. If a conservative, or
someone else on the right, supposedly acts inappropriately towards a female it is amplified
even before a trial or adequate investigation. If it is from a Democrat or someone else on the
left, it is downplayed. #MeToo seemingly only applies to conservatives and the right. If a high
profile conservative or someone on the right faces an upcoming trial, then they have a SWAT
team show up on their doorstep, in the early morning hours, with left wing media amplifying
the story. If a high profile Democrat or someone on the left faces an upcoming trial, they
handle it between lawyers and schedule a date for testimony and appearance in court.

© Copyright 8-3-2020 Pg 6 of 10 Preface - James Sanders
America 2020 How did we get here? – The Marxist & Leftist Origins of America's Planned Implosion

They drug present Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh through the mud as accusations,
many of them false, became a central focus of “news”. Public opinion and the screams from
#MeToo were thunderous. We were all to believe the accusers without question. Meanwhile,
Joe Biden and Keith Ellison, although briefly mentioned, never got the same backlash as Brett
Kavanaugh. With Biden and Ellison, #MeToo acted like crickets. Nothing to see here. Move
along. They also excoriated Roger Stone. For his transgressions, a full SWAT team showed up
on his doorstep as mentioned previously. In the case of Epstein, no SWAT teams. They
handled everything with lawyers even his date to appear. George Nader is another similar

It seems that anything jeopardizing democrat or left political influence gets swept under the
rug. However, if it's something against a political foe, the left have their backers amplify it.
Those backers include much of the present day “news” outlets and most of the social media
companies in concert with big tech. This is a lack of equal application of ideals no matter the
political party. The left give those on their team a pass, while dragging political opponents
through the mud.

When the liberals and woke left want to stifle debate, they tend to polarize it with judgmental
accusations against those with opposing view points. With it, they include double speak
rhetoric and race baiting tactics to devolve the discussion into an all out free for all where
people begin replying emotionally instead of with logic and sound reasoning. When this
happens, they claim victory because discussion ends, or the opponent is “racist”,
“xenophobic”, etc. If that doesn't work, then they simply shout you down.

This is a tactic of silencing differing opinion while using the minority, as a cudgel, to beat the
majority into compliance. The liberal and woke left are some of the most judgmental
individuals I have ever encountered. They are not tolerant of opposing view and these actions
are proof of that.

This all goes back to critical theory and critical thought. It's breaking things down and
promoting only the negative parts while ignoring any of the positive. With all their rhetoric,
whether that be about the police, our founding fathers, our systems, or capitalism, the focus is
always on the negative aspects of things. There is no recognition of the positive parts because
it goes against their agenda and manipulated narrative. It's like throwing the baby out with
the bath water. They do this with their attacks on individuals in opposition to their views as

What is the character of an individual? Is it only their negative attributes without context? Do
we give people adequate space to fail without swift judgment? Do we recognize their attempts
despite the failures? When they fail, do we recognize the rest of them or focus solely on the
failure? I submit that the character of an individual is the totality of their parts, their attempts
towards good, their contributions, their failures, their spoken words, and their failure to speak
against wrongs. It is not in singularities approved of or disagreed with, but rather a totality of
their words and actions during their lifetime. Too many forget that we are all human. Too
many forget that to be human is to fail periodically.

© Copyright 8-3-2020 Pg 7 of 10 Preface - James Sanders
America 2020 How did we get here? – The Marxist & Leftist Origins of America's Planned Implosion

As if all the rest we've discussed so far isn't enough, we also have the global warming pushers
and in concert with them, now, the COVID 19 pandemic. What is astonishing to me is how
similar both these things are. Like global warming models predicting an already past
prediction melting of the ice caps that still hasn't happened, COVID 19 pandemic models way
overstated the impact. Could it be that the ones behind these models have a completely
different agenda than actually changing our climate or saving people? Are people that devoid
of self thought they've missed this?

Allow me to be completely frank. Global warming is about changing the economic system.
Even Alexandra Occasio Cortez's aid stated as much. Other UN climate change officials stated
the same. The internet is your friend and the information is out there. We have the same
liberals and woke leftists pushing the fear mongering on COVID 19 as well as climate change
hysteria. Do you have the ability to use your brain and realize the cost of “preventing” climate
change is enough to bankrupt global economies? Can you rationalize what continued closing
will do to America's economy? How many small businesses closed and plan to never open

They want us in fear and divided. They use these situations to do exactly that. Maslow's
Hierarchy of Needs, a psychological postulation and theory, suggests that people forced into
survival mode are unable to think of anything else but self preservation. Furthermore, it is a
known fact that scared people usually lack an ability to logically think. By forcing people into
panic mode, they are more easily lied to and manipulated. These are psychological facts.
These types of events provide distraction. While people are so fixated on them, they fail seeing
what goes on in other areas.

If climate change models properly addressed the situation then why have at least 99 percent
of their predictions been wrong? If the initial COVID 19 models properly addressed the
situation then why is the updated mortality rate so much lower than originally anticipated, via
the models, and why have cases spiked yet the death rate gone down? Have any of you looked
into the backgrounds of the people involved with any of these models? Maybe you should.
Unlike climate change, COVID 19 became a tool to use against Christians and churches, and
other religious faiths. It's also been used to deny children an education. Along with this it's
also made mask wearing a supposed virtue. These things are all about control and coercion to
control. They're about division, taking advantage of differences of opinion. The sad part is,
there are easy solutions to children in school and religious practice. Not many talk about
them, but they exist. In this, we have a fight between those that wish to control the human
spirit and those that want a free human spirit. Remember our earlier discussion on life and
choices? These situations are no different. If you do not wish doing something then don't do it.
However, do not think you have the right to thrust your beliefs onto another for them to live
their lives as you do. That is not your right nor decision. It is their right and decision. That is
what freedom is about.

The COVID 19 situation exposed a lot of things. From the need to bring medication
production back to America to a huge resistance to school choice and home schooling and
charter schools. From the poor handling of elderly COVID 19 positive patients placed back

© Copyright 8-3-2020 Pg 8 of 10 Preface - James Sanders
America 2020 How did we get here? – The Marxist & Leftist Origins of America's Planned Implosion

into nursing homes to the false positive tests that ran rampant. From riots being OK and
Constitutionally protected free speech to peaceful protests against lock down being
supposedly deadly. The rhetoric and double speak witnessed was akin to an Orwellian novel
titled 1984.

Despite these things, there are even deeper concerns. Given the social media censorship
approach, it's creating echo chambers which silences opposing views preventing any natural
means of balance. Through this, there is no chance of self correction in beliefs. The liberal and
woke left, as the result, seem to think they are a majority. Through the repetitive echo
chamber there is no dissenting view. That makes them think that not only are they the
majority but they are correct in their assumptions. This is dangerous. It emboldens them and
in their supposed virtue, they can do whatever they wish to those that do not think like them.
Through the echo chamber, they have no clue that there are many that think differently than
they do. They see themselves as the virtuous holding the moral high ground.

What can possibly be behind this seemingly perfect storm in 2020 America? It's too organized
to be merely happen stance. The media even supports them and their attacks; it even defends
them. What is at the core of all of this? Could it be ideals? Could it be something through
education? Do ideals come from education? This is more a 21st century happening. Yes, it has
been pushing this way for some time, but previously it was a definite minority. That's not to
say it is no longer a minority, it is to suggest it has more help amplifying the messages. After
all, the squeaky wheel gets the grease and the loudest tend getting the most attention. They
are definitely loud. They seemingly have full support of the democrats, social media, big tech,
corporations, Hollywood, and most of the “news” outlets leaning to the political left.
Why such an increase in community organizers? Why has BLM come so much to the
forefront? Why has ANTIFA become so violent? What role do anarchists play in this? Why do
democrats support them or refuse to denounce them? What role does Saul Alinsky and his
ideologies play? How much of a part do the Communist Goals for America play a part? What
happens on our college university campuses? Are gender and ethnic studies helpful or do they
use them for other purposes? Have younger educators moved far politically to the left? Have
you looked into any of this?

Through this book we're going to explore these questions and circumstances. We're going to
look at the racist past of the democrat party and when they adopted communist planks,
effectively becoming communist supporters. We're going to look at education and teachers'
unions. We'll look into Saul Alinsky and the community organizers ideologies. We'll look into
BLM founders, anarchists and see what ideologies overlap and who benefits. Through it all,
we'll keep the communist goals for America in mind and show how these different groups
participate in bringing those goals to America. All these things are tools for the destruction
and rebuilding of America through social engineering. It's social engineering with a cultural
Marxist blueprint. Vladimir Lenin the leader of the 1917 Russian Bolshevik Revolution said
"The goal of socialism is communism".

I hope you join me on this journey. The reading might be a bit dry at times, but I endeavor to
make it as painless as possible. The continued freedom of America hangs in the balance. I do

© Copyright 8-3-2020 Pg 9 of 10 Preface - James Sanders
America 2020 How did we get here? – The Marxist & Leftist Origins of America's Planned Implosion

this for you, me, our children, and our children's children. I do this for all future generations
so they might be mindful. The price of liberty and freedom is vigilance. The price of liberty
and freedom is action. Ronald Reagan said “Freedom is never more than one generation away
from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for,
protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years
telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States
where men were free.”

I would also remind you that Benjamin Franklin said "Those who would give up essential
Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." And lastly, I
would remind you of the words of Thomas Jefferson. “And what country can preserve it’s
liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of
resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify
them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed
from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure”. I hope that
you will join me in this fight for freedom. May we make it as peaceful as possible and bring the
roar of the silent majority to bear upon those wishing to destroy our great nation.

© Copyright 8-3-2020 Pg 10 of 10 Preface - James Sanders
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