America 2020 How did we get here? – INTRODUCTION

America 2020 How did we get here? – The Marxist & Leftist Origins of America's Planned Implosion
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America 2020 How did we get here? – INTRODUCTION

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America 2020 How did we get here? – The Marxist & Leftist Origins of America's Planned Implosion


To many, much of present day America seems so different. To many, it seems almost
impossible that we've gotten to this point. As the result, many wonder exactly how we got
here. What went so wrong with our youth? How did they come to this course of action? Is all
of this just happenstance or was there some kind of push, some kind of system that created it?
Explaining how we got here and why is our main objective for this book. Discussing the
things, taking place, that enable it. The foundation that enabled the enablers. The groups
hiding in the shadows promoting it. The failure in past to stem the tide. The only way of
stopping something is knowing what started it and what fuels it.

This book's intentions are not to gloss over, nor ignore, political extremism on the right. It
would be ludicrous suggesting that political extremism only exists on one side of the
spectrum. However, the present destruction of America has an origin, and that origin is not on
the political right. The political right are not the ones pushing the present ideologies that
threaten American freedom and the remaking of America in a Marxist/Socialist vision, with
the eventual goal of Communism. New world order isn't just about the Illuminati.

The political right does not push Marxist ideology. The political right does not push identity
politics and the elevation of victim-hood as a means to divide this nation. They are not
attacking morality nor pushing the leftist indoctrination of our children through our
education centers, and teachers' unions. They are not propagandizing our young adults with
Marxist ideologies in our post secondary education centers.

The political right is not using groups like ANTIFA, BLM, and Alinsky community organizers
to foment violence and riots. They are not making heroes out of non deserving thugs,
gangsters, drug dealers, or criminals with mile long rap sheets as a means to stoke public riot
and terrorism in our communities.

The political right is not full of SJW's (Social Justice Warriors) getting into jobs, and other
positions of power, as a means to “make a difference”, then applying laws and moral
judgments unequally. They are not controlling social media and big tech companies
responsible for censorship of views outside the leftist sphere of belief. They are not advocating
for de-funding the police. As such, extremism on the political right is outside the scope of this

We'll explore the Communist Goals for America and how they play into different pieces of our
society. We'll look at the groups involved in the violence. We'll provide proof for the things
mentioned in the preface. We'll show the hijacking of the Democrat party enabling the push

© Copyright 8-3-2020 Pg 1 of 3 Introduction - James Sanders
America 2020 How did we get here? – The Marxist & Leftist Origins of America's Planned Implosion

for their socialist utopia. We'll show that this socialist utopia is merely a step in an eventual
Communist takeover.

We'll explore the various infiltration perpetuating the situation. From unions infiltration to
academics infiltration. From religious infiltration to law infiltration. From social engineering
with a cultural Marxist blueprint to the complicity in various media outlets. From attacks on
our founding fathers and our Constitution to their attempted rewrite of history. From attacks
on morality to the attacks on the family unit. From the Saul Alinsky community organizers,
BLM, ANTIFA and the Communist Party to the Communist infiltration of popular culture,
film, fashion, art, and social media.

We'll explore the psychological tools pushing their agenda. From Maslow's hierarchy of needs,
Pavlovian conditioning, and emotional response to the right to not be offended, safe spaces,
participation trophies, and the coddling of youth. From the myth of systemic racism to
defunding the police.

We'll explore Communism and look at the more horrific sides they ignore. Liberalism and
conservatism and their grip on both through neoliberalism and neoconservatism. The
destruction of Senator Joseph McCarthy as the result of trying to prevent today's situation.
Voter fraud, vote by mail, and popular national vote as a means to gain and maintain power
over people and our systems.

Lastly, we'll explore microchips, cashless society, and the federal reserve as a means to control
the people. This prevents the peoples' ability to resist the eventual Communist control of The
United States. It is insurance policy to assure a United States no longer free, and in total
control of those behind the ideologies destroying our great nation.

In all this exploration, we'll try to organize chapters in a form of historical chronology.
Throughout building this chronology, it should help readers see the effects of one event upon
another, adding a deeper understanding of events leading us to the present outcomes. The
reader, through this, should be able to see the domino affect culminating in the present
powder keg situations we all face.

The Communist motive is simple. It's a push for perfection in imperfect human beings. It
creates strife and conflict, generating hate to focus against enemies, for the accumulation of
power, allowing the creation of their Utopian new world order. It's a new world order that can
never exist because of human nature and free thought, but they will create it out of chaos. The
Communist tolerate no ideologies or thoughts outside the collective. To achieve their ends,
they will liquidate any thinking outside the lines just as the Russian KGB and Mao's red guard
did. It will result in the oppression and death of yet untold millions just as history has shown
in other nations.

© Copyright 8-3-2020 Pg 2 of 3 Introduction - James Sanders
America 2020 How did we get here? – The Marxist & Leftist Origins of America's Planned Implosion

They will intimidate, imprison for life, beat, coerce, smear opponents, or eventually kill
anyone going against their agenda. What do we see the woke left doing today? Need I say
more? I fear a fast approaching time where if the silent majority does not soon rise against it,
later will come a bloody fight to turn the tide. I wish to avoid that. This book is my attempt to
prevent large scale pain and suffering that will come from their order out of chaos scenario.

© Copyright 8-3-2020 Pg 3 of 3 Introduction - James Sanders
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