Common Sense Coalition Save The Senate 2020

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring together, organize, train and assist voters who share traditional American values under the banner of American Common Sense Coalition. Unless decent, law-abiding, hard-working citizens come together in the upcoming elections and practice our civic duty and right to vote for good leaders, we see the very real possibility of losing this nation and our liberties.

 Who We Are

  • We believe we are still the majority, who care about saving our nation from the encroaching power of an increasingly tyrannical government, which is taxing and spending us into poverty, removing our rights to free speech and free enterprise, spying on us, lying daily to us, and trying to dictate to us how to raise our children and worship our God. This type of government is unacceptable.

  • We value freedom for persons, families, and entrepreneurial business, including freedom of conscience, protection of life at every age, and especially our most precious right: freedom of religion to assemble for prayer or worship without fear of reprisal.
    • We believe that our Constitution places the people in charge of the government as a Republic (not a monarchy or even a Democracy), and that we citizens give it permission to act through means of a duly elected, representative government. In accordance with the Bill of Rights and other provisions of the Constitution, it is not for the government to dictate how we believe, live, work, or raise our children, as long as we are law-abiding, honest, and peaceable. We believe each person is guaranteed by the Second Amendment the right to defend him or herself.
    • We believe in being dependable allies with other freedom-lovin nations, who are willing to join with us in protecting our peoples from tyrannical and evil empires, nations, leaders and groups who want to destroy innocent lives and countries, including through the war on terror, the cyber wars, and economic terrorism, in order to preserve freedom in our land, promote it across the world, and to hold evil in check.

    • We think it is past time for America to be that strong, free, militarily well-defended and resolute nation, which again will be seen as a shining city for justice and freedom that others across the world can respect and admire.

    • Common Sense Coalition Save 2022 Project:

    • We are gathering together a grassroots group from all across America to elect leaders to restore our country to Common Sense values and principles. We are looking for candidates local, state or national who, when elected to office, will have the knowledge and determination to make an immediate impact in the battle to restore our country to the ideals and values of our Founding Fathers. As we elect people of knowledge, courage, character, and the determination to restore our nation to these values, it will not be business as usual, but we will return our nation to the strong, free land it was meant to be.
    • We ask each of you who would join this effort to commit to get actively involved. This is how change will get done, by taking a stand and helping encourage others to become more active.
    • We provide the framework to build a mighty group to work together to elect good leaders, as well as a map of 3,000 counties across America for you to build and identify supporters for your candidates.

    • Please enroll here on the John Hancock page (see the tab at the top of the Home page to connect), and then enlist at least two others to do the same. Ask them to enlist at least two more. The idea is reminiscent of Nehemiah instructing the Israelites to rebuild the wall in front of their own house, thereby restoring the wall around their city in record time. When you enlist at least two others to join the mission to support an American Common Sense Movement, you are rebuilding the wall in front of your house.

      Common Sense Coalition: We are a non-partisan grassroots group dedicated to the defense and preservation of our nation, with reliance on its founding documents: the Declaration of Independence, the U. S. Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. We believe that the government of the United States was created to serve "We the People;" not for us to be its slaves.

    • We will work together to build a coalition of Americans who want to turn the tide and elect good, honest, God-fearing people to office to change the direction of our country, to save it and to restore our freedoms and respect in the world.


      To Make this fun, we are giving rankings as you encourage others to Join our Coalition. When you have at least two people to join, you receive the Rank of PFC. When you have two personal PFC's you reach the rank of CPL and will be listed as a county leader. When you reach the rank of CPL or greater we will list you in our forum under the topic "Rank."

      How the rankings work:

      Enlist 2 people and you become a PFC! 
      When you have 2 personal PFCs you become a CPL!
      When you have 2 personal CLPs You become a SRG! 
      When you have 2 personal SRGs You become a LT! 
      When you have 2 personal LTs You become a CPT! 
      When you have 2 personal CPTs You become a MJR!
      and etc. until you become a 4 Star General with a 8000+
      grassroots army.

      How Map of USA Works!

      When you click on the Home page map of the USA, it will open up and show indivual states. If you click on a state it will show it's indivual counties and if you click on a county it will show the leaders in that county if it has a leader or leaders. Only counties that are white or a shade of red will have a leader.


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